We offer demographic data and business experience to assist clients in determining an appropriate schedule of charges for these services that guarantee maximum earned commissions while preserving customer satisfaction. 

Cash Advance

  •  Visa, Master Card, Discover card acceptance

  •  High daily limits
  •  Remote custom Kiosk placements

Check Cashing

  •  Personal check cashing 

  •  High daily limits

Included Services at no charge

  •  Simulcast accounting

  •  Simulcast direction


  •  ADA Compliancy (special state of the art ADA ATM if required)

  • All new terminals
  •  At least ten ATM replacements for Racinos and Casinos
  •  Cash management  
  •  Color coordination
  •  Custom signage
  •  Floor standing and through wall placements
  •  High-speed terminals 
  •  High-speed communications
  •  Setback compliancy if applicable

Management team has over 50 years of experience in the Pari-Mutuel industry.


Financial Link Services, Inc. DBA AmCash is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence, RI

(954) 588-1522